HcRaid Stats

40 Online Players
220270 Unique Players
99% Up Time

TeamSpeak 3

  • How to connect?

    Connect using: ts.hcraid.com

  • What is teamspeak?

    TeamSpeak 3 is a program where you can text and voice chat to others, at HcRaid we have our own 100 slot TeamSpeak 3 server.

    If you want to come chat to staff or members of the community feel free to join.

  • Download

    You can download TeamSpeak 3 from the offical website: www.teamspeak.com

Server Quick Codes

Server Name Server IP
Hub hub.hcraid.com
Bloodthirst - Official Avengeuiwill Server play.bloodthirst.net
Overkill - Over Powered Raiding Server overkill.hcraid.com
Factions - Hardcore Factions Server factions.hcraid.com